Saturday, 15 May 2010

I like gave in and did it

I caved in today. On the fast and staying in =/ and =) I'm not too bummed out about fasting really. I'd rather stop now than carry on and lead to a binge of some sorts. So all is good in that department. For now anyway. I didn't stay in either. I went to David's. Still here actually. Just noticed that my boyfriend as the same name as David Cameron. Aw shucks xD But I *think* I can deal with that. As long as he doesn't start looking or acting like him. Then I would be creeped out. And more than tempted to run and never stop but that isn't happening so no need to panic right? Ooh it's my dads middle name too... We've spent most of the time watching this dvd that one of our friends made of music videos. Quite a few of Martina McBrides songs were on it and she is wow! I actually wanted to cry and I haven't wanted to do that because of a song in a long time. I think it was mainly Concrete Angel and Gods Will. It was probably the meaning behind them. But it was sweet and not a bad afternoon/evening. I think I am going to stay at D's tonight because I can't be bothered going back to an empty house. It's nice how every ones plans never involve me right? He's thinking about going to his mums in the morning to drop something off so if I decide not to go early *Most likely won't* and he decides to go I guess I will be tagging along. I don't mind because his mum is lovely. And then will most likely go back to his and spend the day in my pjs lol. With my phone turned off!! Long story so I might as well write it down =P I get unlimited texts on a weekend so normally chat with everybody but when I tell them I am doing something for a while they get it and leave it at that until later on. All Dani has done is non-stop text. It doesn't help when you put your phone on silent either because you end up with a million texts to go through. *I'm really glad she doesn't have my O2 number because that has unlimited texts when it's topped up and used.* She's got a problem which even non-medical people she has on Facebook know she's got to go to the doctors. The problem is she is happy to moan about it but won't go because she doesn't want a doctor checking her poo and that. I'm sorry but if I had any problems, as embarrassing as it is, I wouldn't care if a doctor had to rummage around up my butt. I'd want to know what was wrong instead of saying "Ooh no way. I'm not going lol. It doesn't happe everyday." I thought it was annoying at work when someone asked me something but said nahh and ignored it but I get paid to deal with that slightly irritating part of the job. I don't get paid to be a nurse/doctor/psychiatrist. * I swear that's what she mistakes me for* If I did I'd be rich by now! But yeah it's really annoying. I wish I had never mentioned my job *Great thinking. Shame it's 8 months too late* *Note to self: Think in future. Think way ahead of others.* Anyway I think I should probably get on with a few things and not seem totally glued to my laptop (though D is no better. (= ) I want to finish some writing I began earlier and I have told Dani I am pretty tired. It's not even 21:00 but meh. It's wishful thinking on my behalf. If I could go to sleep this early, well late to some people, I would probably be frozen to the spot from shock! Insomnia is such a drag, more so when I am at work but if I have to study last minute it can be the best thing since coffee. It's worse when everything on tv is boring and you and the person you are in the same room with are busy doing something random that probably doesn't need doing *Bar this blog =P* On a different note what is the point of salad with pizza and fries? Never understood that. Or a diet coke with a large meal from McDonalds. That is just as much a point of going to the gym for a sandwich. Okay I think I should definitely stop typing and close the curtain on this post before I end up sounding like a bitch or appearing like one of them crazy women who stop you in town and don't let you leave forever! Mucho Love xoxox

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