Saturday, 15 May 2010

Good morning weekend

It's now nearly 11am. I was intending on staying in bed until around this time or later but woke up at 8am. At least I managed to get some sleep though after 30 hours + of staying awake. So I deal at waking up at 8. Everyone is out today and i have decided that for once I am going to stay in all weekend. Not done that in a while so it's about time =) Been thinking more and more about work. I think it is definitely time to go back. I mean my foot is healed now so that's no problem. I want to change departments too because I'm not psyched to be on the ward I was so I need to talk to Sue and... oh that London guy... Faron! Applying for different jobs anyway so that's alright. Plus I don't want to work with David haha. Love the guy to pieces but working together is quite... well it could prove to be a deal breaker y'know? I don't want to stay in now. I need some nail polish because my nails are a dodgy purpley blue. Nails done without spending time painting them =P So *Note to self: Need nail polish asap* We are currently planning our family holiday for next year. I'm not sure I even want to go but it's hard to say no. I don't even know where they are going. I think it's going to be somewhere like Crete or Zante or something like that. We was meant to be going to Florida, which I was happy with but they changed their minds. It's quite annoying and even more so when you don't get along with half of them. At least it will be legal to drink so can get away from them all =) I need to get an haircut. I want to grow it out but the ends feel pretty rough and stuff now so should really book an appointment to get it done. Not sure how though because I am pretty bored of lots of layers and side fringe. I should probably talk to my hairdresser. I love how I should *probably* talk to all these people. I will but when is another matter haha. Anyway I need to go and ramble to David on the phone then Caitlin so I need to shut up and save some energy. Mucho Love xoxox

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