Friday, 14 May 2010

Friday ~ Such a busy bee =)

That's my picture of beauty for today. That and I would totally have that dress!! Aye she ain't super thin but she is quite stunning and makes that dress look even better.
So today. Busy busy busy. Got to go to the other side of Leeds so that is a good 2 hours getting there on the bus. I should probably start booking my driving lessons but that can wait until I go back to work. So a good 4 hours of my day is going to be spent on a bus. Joy! Oh and I have to go shopping for food. Again. Joy! It's not how I would ideally like to spend my Friday but it's out fo the house and away from food. Actually scrap that last bit because there is nothing in the house for me to eat! Grr! It's weird but I am actually peed off that I didn't really get anything brought back but at least it's not going to be wasted or anything.
Oh I have a million things to do and no motivation to do them =/ Fasting makes me feel motivated and that but my body and head today would rather just lounge out in pjs watching trashy tv. Right snap out of it. See I even have to tell myself to get in shape haha.
I am sure I will report back later on and write everything that went right and wrong down.
Mucho Love

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