Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I'm going to open talking about the ED for once. I don't seem to do that anymore. So I am bloody starving lol. Oh my gosh. This reporter just ate this bird. Cooked like but eww. Seriously who does that? She said it was like pigeon =O I hate pigeons (it's pretty funny watching me go through town) but wouldn't freaking eat them. Gross. PrettyThin is down til Thursday. Well I say down but if you go on via a link you can get on =) Bit dead like but I think I can live. Nice to be able to see the posts. Boring to have a convo with like the same 3 people bahaha. Fast is going alright though. I'm not too sure how long I am going to go on though because I am donating blood next week so want to be quite level for that. Need to book the appointment so I shall go on the website after finishing this. Wow. A friend I haven't talked to in months just text. About time Hayley* but I can't talk. I coulda text her too haha. Her accent is oh my gosh! She's from Sunderland so she talks really fast and with a sort of Geordie accent so I have to listen carefully because I'm quite that annoying well spoken, proper pronounced type of person xD Nice to talk to her again. Things have dramatically changed for both of us though. I've left high school and college, started work and moved out and she's started the RAF cadets and moving into the last year of high school. Plus boys. A lot has happened in the past 7-8 months lol. Wow. I think I might call her and catch up properly whilst discussing Supersize vs Superskinny. Aye that's my nigth planned out. All I have to do right now is persuade my friend not to come over with pizza. Can't eat pizza and watch Supersize vs Superskinny and fast! Plus she isn't keen on Hayley because she knows she is EDNOs but mainly Bulimic and thinks she influences me. FYI: Hayley could eat a cow live for all I care. Doesn't mean she makes me want to too. People hey? Mucho Love xoxox

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