Monday, 31 May 2010

End of May nearly

Last day of May. Isn't it a bank holiday or something? Yeah End of Spring bank holiday. Basically just an extra day to sleep in and be lazy in my opinion. At least nearly everywhere has the same opening times here. If I lived somewhere smaller I bet all the shops would be shut by lunch time. I'd hate that. Hence my plan if I ever move from Leeds, I will hop on a train with my suitcase and head to London. Stop off for a cup of afternoon tea (skip the cakes) and then maybe take over the world... If I have time =P I'm wanting Tuesday to hurry up. I get my free unlimited texts then. It's costing wayy too much to keep in contact with people. Plus could always do with texting more ED people =) Would be something else to do aswell. On the plus side I just Googled the swimming baths with gyms in my area and there is around 8! Bleeding heck. I could go to a different one everyday lol. Me and David and another friend have devised a 1-2hr gym schedule and 90 minute swim everyday. Not sure how I will feel like when it comes to actually doing it but hey! One gym is like 5 minutes away from a friends house I am always at. I never knew. Stupidest thing is I used to live like 5 minutes away from it when I was younger too. I am utterly stupid sometimes but shh! I could never admit that in real life. The Friday after next I am of a sort babysitting. It's sort of a family thing. Yeah shocker. I don't do these things often but I don't mind these three lol. We are off swimming on the Saturday and Sunday. First outing with family in... well a long time. I would ask Caitlin if she wanted to come but I think I will be under 100lbs by the time she replies. Don't you hate people who ignore you? It's soo frustrating. It's like 02:40am. I am supposed to be off for a run with Alexx in the morning (06:00am) and then I am off to Starbucks. Them and Costa make too much money from me. Then agian I do enjoy sitting there watching everything. I am weird in that sense. I doubt I am going to get any sleep tonight. I never really do. Oh and another good thing is the gym opens at 07:00am until 22:00pm. One close kind of, actually it's not =P is a new £15,000,000 building. Looks extremely cool. M L xoxox

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