Friday, 16 April 2010

Long time!!

Well it's been too long since I wrote on here. Haven't had internet. Not enough money haha!!! Anyway been binging proper bad! So today I have kind of curbed it. Have had some pasta (200 cals. Barely ate any of it.) and a cheese thing. Babybel or something. So hopefully it's all under 300 calories. Not eating anything else until tomorrow evening. Lactose and Wheat/glucose intolerant lol. Eating pasta and cheese etc makes me feel so sick but it acts as a natural laxative hehe!! So havee now had a total of around 780 calories now. FML. Might go for a long walk in the morning if I have any jeans clean. Need to write some more but am not wanting to right now haha. Mucho Love and hugs xoxox

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