Thursday, 1 April 2010

Dayy 16

Joined prettythin again. Sticking to it this time. Always seem to lose internet when I get involved on sites. I'm avoiding Dannii again. She's proper annoying me badly. I just cba dealing with her shit and my own. She can cope on her own. All she claims is that she is in a&e cos of self harming. What the fuck ever. Sorry. I know bitchy but when I self harm I tell no-one!! Nevermind all of bloody Facebook! Grrr!! Also pissed off with everyone in real life but will explain that more when I have more time. I'm too tired to go into it all and want to go to bed and get some rest. Had a few mouthfuls of pasta this morning but am not considering that as breaking my fast. Must admit it has made me feel starving so am definitely going to sleep in 5 minutes. Anyway will write more soon. Na'Afternoon =P Mucho Love xoxox

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