Friday, 2 April 2010


I'm really enjoying it being back on pretty thin. A lot of people say it is pro ana but all the people I have been talking to aren't. They are really nice people though I am not giving too many details out this time (bad experience with trolls last spring) but I am having a blast talking to them all. Doing this skinny summer challenge and you have to lose a minimum of 3lbs a week, 1 hours exercise a day (kinda just achieving) Weigh in is every Sunday (thank god have gone down from 136 at the beginning of the week) and we all have to lose a minimum of 20lbs by the end of April. The way things have been going for me it is totally possible for me to do that. 20lbs from Sunday depending on my weight will be like 110 or something. Going to have to work hard to get 5lbs of a week though. Technically I only have 16lbs to lose by the 31st of April. Thinness here I come =D Mucho Love xoxox

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