Monday, 26 April 2010

I feel

So triggered. I want to cut but I am not going to. I am going to download music instead. I think Dannii and a few people on Facebook are triggering. They just go on and on and don't seem to give a flying damn about anything over than themselves. I hate people like that. I'm off to bed soon so Na'Night. Mucho Love xoxox


I am sick of Dannii and her stupid little threats. If you are going to kill yourself babe fucking do it! What I mean is if you're planning on od'ing then you wouldn't tell anybody! I fucking didn't. She's just an attention seeker tbh. I am avoiding contact with people on facebook and texts for a couple of days. Cba with the shite that comes out of their wannabe arses! Anyway Pretty Freaking Thin isn't working >=( Angry! I need to go on. It's talking about the owner needs to sort it out. Fmfl!! Anwway I feel like saying: Dilligaf! Google it =P


Well today I have done pretty badly. I had toast this morning which I can't eat so that came to around 400 calories, then this afternoon I had chips and a bit of tuna (seperate!) and I ended up purging them accidentally. I ended up throwing up and shitting everything outta me haha! Feel pretty bad but my blood sugars are really low. I can tell you see. Oh how I wish it was tomorrow. Mucho Love xoxox

Sunday, 25 April 2010


I really need to get back into the habit of writing on here. I seem to be pretty much obsessed with Pretty Thin and things to not remember to come on here. So from today I will write pretty much anything that is on my mind =) Down to 129lbs today. Al least I think so anyway. Getting two different readings from both scales. The digital one shows 134lbs still and the analog one shows 129/128lbs. I think the digital one needs a new battery. Dunno what to believe but I think I am going to go by the analog ones. They seem more accurate. Hoping for 123 next Sunday. Finally get back under the 126 mark =) Plus I'll be able to tell Dannii that I am 8st whatever. Mucho Love xoxox

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I can't seem to stop. The further I get into my ED the worse my self harm is getting. I hate it but I love the release it gives me. I don't often do it on my arms but by god it is addictive!! The release is amazing. It's like breaking a bone on purpose. Feels so good. Though at least breaking a bone on purpose doesn't leave a scar XD Mucho Love xoxox

Saturday, 17 April 2010


So Dannii is doing her little depressed act again. Sorry but I think she just likes all the attention she gets when she does a little disappearing acts. Tbh I don't care anymore. She's pathetic and whatever. Well apart from her stressing me out I am not too bad. Been on a big week long binge well 2 week binge but I am going to pull myself back on track. Am going to try and fast tomorrow and then have 300 calories on sunday then do a week long fast. Should get paid at some point next week so will be able to buy everything and then move =D Looking forward to it all. Ahh this month could be pretty darn good =D Mucho Love xoxox

Friday, 16 April 2010

Long time!!

Well it's been too long since I wrote on here. Haven't had internet. Not enough money haha!!! Anyway been binging proper bad! So today I have kind of curbed it. Have had some pasta (200 cals. Barely ate any of it.) and a cheese thing. Babybel or something. So hopefully it's all under 300 calories. Not eating anything else until tomorrow evening. Lactose and Wheat/glucose intolerant lol. Eating pasta and cheese etc makes me feel so sick but it acts as a natural laxative hehe!! So havee now had a total of around 780 calories now. FML. Might go for a long walk in the morning if I have any jeans clean. Need to write some more but am not wanting to right now haha. Mucho Love and hugs xoxox

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Weigh in tomorrow

I am shitting myself lol. I need to see a change in numbers. I have been working really hard to get under 130 but I don't think I am. From now until morning I am not drinking any liquids either so that I get an accurate weigh in. So hoping for under 130. 129 would be amazing but I don't think I have lost any weight from 132lbs :( I think I am going to go to bed in a little while and try to chill out about it. All I can do is a mad little work out in the early hours of the morning. Mucho Love xoxox

Friday, 2 April 2010


I'm really enjoying it being back on pretty thin. A lot of people say it is pro ana but all the people I have been talking to aren't. They are really nice people though I am not giving too many details out this time (bad experience with trolls last spring) but I am having a blast talking to them all. Doing this skinny summer challenge and you have to lose a minimum of 3lbs a week, 1 hours exercise a day (kinda just achieving) Weigh in is every Sunday (thank god have gone down from 136 at the beginning of the week) and we all have to lose a minimum of 20lbs by the end of April. The way things have been going for me it is totally possible for me to do that. 20lbs from Sunday depending on my weight will be like 110 or something. Going to have to work hard to get 5lbs of a week though. Technically I only have 16lbs to lose by the 31st of April. Thinness here I come =D Mucho Love xoxox

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Dayy 16

Joined prettythin again. Sticking to it this time. Always seem to lose internet when I get involved on sites. I'm avoiding Dannii again. She's proper annoying me badly. I just cba dealing with her shit and my own. She can cope on her own. All she claims is that she is in a&e cos of self harming. What the fuck ever. Sorry. I know bitchy but when I self harm I tell no-one!! Nevermind all of bloody Facebook! Grrr!! Also pissed off with everyone in real life but will explain that more when I have more time. I'm too tired to go into it all and want to go to bed and get some rest. Had a few mouthfuls of pasta this morning but am not considering that as breaking my fast. Must admit it has made me feel starving so am definitely going to sleep in 5 minutes. Anyway will write more soon. Na'Afternoon =P Mucho Love xoxox