Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Yay internet back!!!

Had to get my computer fixed so was stuck using Joe's PC =( But am back to blog about everything now =D Okay so erm... guess what?? I broke my foot in the end =D Got a white cast on at the moment and got to go back a week on Wednesday. I want a red and blue cast but they don't do colours at a&e =( Ah well. Onto the weight issue I am 143 with the plaster cast on. Think I am going to google the weight of an average plaster cast and take that weight as a possible Ah stupid computer is going too slow. Pissing me off right now >:-( I think the cast probably weighs about 4lbs. Not sure though because it all depends on how much material is used etc etc. I think maybe I should take it as 3lbs? That would mean I am 140ish maybe. I think I am under but am going to go by 140lbs =/ Well I am fasting as a matter of fact. Jazzy on Facebook started an event (fast for 2 weeks then go to 20 days) so am attempting that. Have sailed through today so far with 2 hot chocolates and some Coca Cola. Not too bad. Out most of tomorrow so hope I can say no to food. Need to try and break my 9 day record for this year. Am gonna do it =D Think I might be getting my period. Not had a change on the scales plus feel quite bloated. Tmi I know haha!! =P Mucho Love xoxox

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