Saturday, 20 March 2010


4 hours nearly into day 5 and I am off to sleep. I think I will wake up at 7ish and pour some Shreddies out then go back to sleep. When Joe goes to Tesco later on too I am going to cook something, take it into the bedroom then get rid of it. Gets me out of eating for the day anyway. Just need a plan to stop the belly grumbling lol. Think I am going to immensely liquid load. Should stop the noises haha!! Well anyways I am off to bed right now and will probably update at 7am if I wake up. If not it will be after 9am or afternoon time. Will talk about the annoying twat Dani too. Grrr!!! So much to say but I need to catch some Zzzz's right now so Na'Night. Mucho Love xoxox

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