Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Weigh in

Last nights weigh in was 9st 7.3lbs (133.4lbs) Not too bad but could definitely be better. I think I will stop fasting Thursday evening so by that time I would like to be 9st 4lbs (130lbs) Would like a nice round figure to start off April. I want to end April at around or under 8st 3lbs (115lbs) I have lost nearly 11lbs on this fast. When I get to 9st 4lbs I will have lost 14lbs which is like a stone!! That will be so cool. From Friday morning I am going to have a bag of crisps in the morning (98 cals) 2 slices of toast for dinner (100 cals) and for tea I'll have a dutch crispcake + cheese (60 cals) As long as I stay at around 250 calories until Sunday I'll be okay. Monday I am going to fast to make up for Sunday cos I'll be having around 400 calories. Oh today is the 2 week marker on my fast =D So pleased with myself. Never fasted this long before so am pretty psyched though yesterday I felt so awful =( My heart was killing me and then I just had to sleep but it was pretty scary to feel. I think I will post a picture on Friday morning to see the results of not eating for 16 days. I personally don't see any difference. I am still really fat but I am trying to change. I think I have a picture to put on from Saturday but not sure =/ I'll check. Mucho Love xoxox

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