Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday not-so-blues

Well today as gone fantastically! I didn't eat Sunday dinner plus wasn't tempted to eat last night when drinking. So proud of me tbh. Well I said I would say everything about Dannii and that crap didn't I? Well... here goes! She's always complaining that she's fat (hell she's a bit smaller than me!!) but I can handle that because I do the same things sometimes. But she's always self harming quite bad so she says and then asks for my medical advice (with the nursing thing obviously I know quite a lot plus have been researching medicine for years) so I give her it but then she doesn't take it and then asks over and over. It really is annoying when you give a medical opinion and then she still doesn't listen but asks for more advice. I know that it is hard to ask for help but come on!! Jesus Christ! Even in A&E people eventually take the help given. Ugh! It's so fucking stressfull! I can't deal with her shit (God knows how truthfull) and my own problems. She wants to work but scared of people. She's a selective mute accourding to her and is scared of talking to people. I understand being shy. I am bloody shy but if you want to do anything in life you do have to overcome your own fears. Anyway I love her to pieces. She's my best friend in the whole world but sometimes you just don't know what to take seriously y'know? I aren't saying anymore on the subject now. Day 6 is almost over anyway yay!!! Mucho Love xoxox

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