Thursday, 18 March 2010

Short and sweet

Well today is technically day 3. Tv signals have gone out completely which is a pain in the arse so I think I might has well just go to bed really. No food as entered me for like nearly 51 hours =D Amazing to me. Hoping to get past the 9 day mark. Going to have to be quite crafty this weekend because my nana is going to be here and she always wants everyone to eat, so am going to have to cook in a morning and leave the plates with food on laying around. Need to just stay focused. I am kind of thinking of this as beat Jazzy. I mean she is on day 4 now (1 day ahead of me) so I need to go as long as she can and then go further. It's like a competition and I will come out on top!! Well am going to try and sleep. Will write more if I can't get to sleep. Mucho Love xoxox

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