Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I forgot to write about the rest of my day haha!! Well day 9 is going down!! Day 10 babyy!! Whoo hoo haha. I shall stay food free for the rest of March =D Still really fat though. Am 9st 9 I think. I will weigh in in the morning. Not getting weighed at the doctors. Not a chance. I will use my foot as an excuse. Can't believe I haven't lost a stone yet though ='( Sucks. Think I will do some sit ups in 10 minutes when I have finished writing this. It's Wednesday right? I Just 7 more days of fasting and then I can eat. Not hungry but would love something to eat y'know? Maybe this new challenge will keep me occupied. I hope it does. It's pretty weird having a countdown until I can eat again. 16 days will be my longest fast. So psyched!! I am simpily uh-mazing! Haha only kidding. Mucho Love xoxox

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