Tuesday, 23 March 2010


So I have decided. It's the 23rd of March today right? So that would mean including today there is 9 days left of this month. You think it would be possible to fast this month out? Mmm I think it would. I am going to try it and be strong. This is day 8 so am not doing too bad am I? Still am really fat. It's quite depressing ='( I need to get under 9 stone by the 8th of April so I need this fast. If I am right in these 7-8 days I have lost 7lbs+. Periods always make it hard to know your weight for a few days after it ends so will have a better reading of my weight. Obviously not right because of my cast but it'll be close I guess. Going to start doing 1000 sit ups a day too from today. As soon as Joe as gone to bed I am going to do 500 and then do the rest later on or maybe do them all at once. Okay so strange!! Was on google randomly searching things and the B-Eat website came up =/ Not quite sure what the Internet has planned for me but recovery is going out of the window lol. Am too fat haha!! Anyways away from that quite spooky occurrence lol. I'm getting a bit tired now. Still have to wait to do my sit ups =/ Mucho Love xoxox

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