Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Made it another day

Without eatin but tbh I feel like shit. I really want to jump up and get something to eat. I am bloody starving and not too sure if I can last until Friday morning for some food. Am feeling like going on a mad binge but have already SI'd to remind myself not to. Wasn't even intending to. I was just cutting tape off my arm at first and then started scrathing with the blade. Soo bad I know. Right across the wrist and other places. I did my hip too because it is soo fat!! Don't wanna get back into SI so am not going to do it again from tonight. Ever again!! Have about 62 or more scratches on my left arm and god knows about the hip/side. Sting so flipping much. Pain required for being so fat and as a reminder to not eat until I am allowed to eat. Which isn't until Friday morning. I can do this I am sure I can. Think I might try and get a bit of sleep because have a long day planned. Na'Night Mucho Love xoxox

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