Friday, 5 March 2010

I hurt

I hurt so, so, so, so, so, so much!! Crutches are a bloody workout in themselves! My whole body hurts. On issue of the foot... it may be broken but it is soo swollen that they couldn't tell. It bloody better be with the amount of pain it is causing me! On food note: I have had 262 + 264 + 98 + 134 = 758 I think. Crutches are amazing though for burning calories. In 4 hours I burnt 1309! Amazing hey? It'll be easier when I have got used to them again and my muscles have got used to them again I'll probably start doing a bit more walking on them. Not using them again much until next week when I have to go back to the hospital. Might get my hair cut next Wednesday after the hospital. Going to dye it on Monday I think. I'm going to get Joe to buy the hair dye tomorrow and I will do it on Monday morning :-) Mucho love xoxox

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