Thursday, 25 March 2010

Double digits!!

Made it into double digits with my fast!! Yay!! Excited. Now just need to keep on track until next Thursday lol even after my little "accident" on Sunday. Supposed to be going to my house on Friday to sort the carpet out but think I might stay at home and let Joe go over on herself so i can concentrate on my little project =P Haha!! Getting a bit worried now about the doctors later today. Trying to google what they normally do if too many ketones are in urine. So scared that'll I'll be caught out on day 10 of my fast. After 12 hours it is really obvious so after 240?? God what am I going to do? Shit shit shit shit shit!!! Deep breath. Maybe they'll think it is something else. Maybe they won't test it. Maybe... Oh who the hell am I trying to convince?? Oh god! I am so screwed. Even drinking a shit load today won't help because only food can. I am officially screwed! Mucho Love xoxox

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