Thursday, 18 March 2010


Well the fact of the matter is I am on day 4 of my fast!! Woop-woop! I think I am going to lay down in bed and watch Loose Women and then Heremy Kyle then go to sleep. Got to go to the doctors in the morning to register up with them so that I can get a sick note so that I can get my ESA benefit. Going to be owed an awful lot of money. Plus the fact I only need £65 towards my cooker and then I have no major things to buy apart from a tv etc but don't need that just yet. More interested in pictures and everything else. Not too long now before I am all alone and have nobody to force me to eat. Happy!! I want to get past day 9 of this fast. Want to break my record and not just by 1 day. Boo!! That would suck. Want to do the full 2 weeks. Need this weekend to go fast and my nana to go home so that I have no major pressure to eat. Am scared I won't be able to do it ='( Anyway am going to go to bed and chill out then sleep. I will do this. Day 4 babyy!!! Mucho Love xoxox

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