Saturday, 20 March 2010

=D Proud

So proud of me!! I resisted temptation to eat even though I cooked 4 slices of toast! Flushed them down the toilet. Also my family ordered a takeaway and I simpily said I don't drink and eat. I kinda suck because I have drunk alcohol but it's the weekend. Had 6 Wkd Blues so far. Got another 3 to drink. Still not hungry or anything but might cook some food later whne Jay is asleep and leave the plate on the floor or something to make it look like I have eaten. My nana is proper obsessed with if you have eaten or not. I have a good excuse to get out of eating dinner when they eat. Will simply say the alcohol is affecting me haha!! Am a genius =P Must say even after 6 Wkd Blues I am not drunk. A little bit tipsy with like talking but nothing major. Helps with the pain of my foot too. Unbelievable that I aren't drunk after not eating for nearly 6 days!!! I must say though my family are really drunk and have gone to bed. I'm using this alcohol consumption as an excuse not to eat tomorrows dinner despite cooking it. Haha!!! Mucho Love xoxox

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