Thursday, 25 March 2010


Well like I went to the doctors and have to have a shit load of tests on Monday morning. Got to have bloods for anaemia, test for why I break bones easily, urine sample (cos couldn't pee today) to check ketones and glucose. Pretty screwed because if it shows I am still anaemic and my bones are definitely weak AND have ketones and glucose in the urine I think any doctor no matter how stupid they are will put a few things together and come to a conclusion of not eating properly i.e Eating Disorder. So I think Monday could be a :( day. I hope they don't suspect anything but I will of been fasting for 14 days I think so it'd be pretty weird if they didn't. Ohs well. I don't care. They'll only keep check ups on me anyway. Had high blood pressure too which is strange I guess. It's more common in over eating than not eating but it happens. Mucho Love xoxox

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