Thursday, 25 February 2010

This is why...

I don't have friends really!! All two-faced, back-stabbing, idiotic morons out for what they can get! If their stupidly small brains could even grab the concept of friendship it would be a bloody miracle. I really do hate people. Caitlin is a fucking fake twat! Not made any contact for months. Best friends my arse! Danielle is a stupid git out for what she can get. All she wants is sympathy and if you don't give her it she will turn and moan to somebody else. So really I haven't got any friends. Sad or what? How many 17 year olds can have 900 or whatever friends on facebook and not talk to anybody or have a real life friend? I spend most of my time surrounded by music and things like that. I really am a geek :'( It's just horrible having nobody that I can go into town with shopping oranything. It's not fair why I haven't got any friends but all the horrible people do. Am I that bad that nobody likes me? It's probably because I am fat and worthless. I hate my life. Fine I might be getting a great job, brillant qualifications with a fantastic future and have my own place etc etc but I have nobody to share that with. No friends to laugh with or cry with. Just plain horrid. I feel so depressed and down. Mucho Love xoxox

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