Saturday, 27 February 2010


Eaten wayy more than I wanted too today. Wasn't even that I went out to the shop and bought the food, it was Joe. But have had around 1000 calories already PLUS she wants to cook am pizza EACH later! I can't eat a bloody pizza. Apparently accourding to my scales I am 139 again. How can that be? I think I need to do weekly weigh ins. Every Monday morning starting the 9th of March and then every Monday after. Hoping for 136 by this Monday but won't be weighing myself and then 131 by the 9th. 129 would be my goal for then really because the I could say to Dannii I have lost 5lbs. I told her I was 9st 7-8lbs. Lie? Yes. Do I care? No lol. I just need to lose a bit of weight. Might start the ABC tomorrow. It could be good for me plus exercise and I could totally be on track to get to 131 by the 9th. I used to be able to lose 1lb a day. Maybe should aim for that. I could lose 10lbs that way. I'd quite like that. Mucho Love xoxox

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