Saturday, 20 February 2010

Exercise to make up for tonights piss up

Getting extremely drunk tonight so doing some work outs before my stupid cousin comes and I can't work out :-( 200 sit ups 200 left leg lifts 200 right leg lifts 200 girl push ups 200 left leg lunges 200 right leg lunges 200 squats 25 minute jog 30 minute walk Think I will stop at that because I am getting into Home Alone 3 lol and am singing along to everything on my mp3 player. I feel that probably burned around 400 calories at least so that's half a pizza :-) Still have another walk to up the shop for cherry coke and lemonade in a while so will burn maybe another 100 calories? Plus the workout this morning so I will have burnt off nearly all of my cheese Pizza yay!!

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