Monday, 15 February 2010

*blows raspberry!!*

Well my stupid cash is not in my bank. Thankfully Joe is going over to my house to get all of my mail which is great. Might be able to find out frigging why it's not here by now. It's pissing me off big time! Good thing is I will be able to work out for quite a few hours thankfully. Give me a chance to lose a bit more weight :-) Always a good thing haha! Think if I stay on track and lose maybe 4lbs by Monday (I know it might be hard with the pms) I will dye my hair next week. Getting suck off brown and black. Wanna be a blonde/light brown again. My hair needs cutting but it looks really cool this length plus I wanna grow it out. Getting bored of the short side fringe and layers right now. Want it long enough to have it curly :-) Plus my hair looks quite grown up when I have it down at this length =) Got to clean the bathroom and do the washing whilst Joe is out but thankfully that will be done in like 10 minutes if that. Can spend the rest of the time jogging on the spot, crunches etc. I need this workout session. Might also leave weighing in until every Sunday or Monday. Probably Monday though. Will be hard in a way but easy in another way. Avoid the evil but truthfull scales haha!! Fooooooo! Shoulder kills! Feel like it's going to pop out. My wirst kills too. Think I might of fallen out of bed onto it. Really hurts but I'll live. Feels really strange though. That's the wrist I am talking about. Maybe if it still hurts on Monday or something I will go see a doctor about it. Blah. Well Joe has headed out so I am going to work out. Ciao! Mucho Love xoxox <3

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