Monday, 4 January 2010


Well the impact of the holiday season... wow. It truly was crap!! Am quite shocked really. Ugh... whatever though. I have a plan to make up for it. Enough being down in the dumps lol. Am off out in a little bit. Gotta go shopping for food and things for my house. If me and my auntie buy most of it now then at the beginning of February I will have £1000+ to spend on the rest of the stuff and on a brand new wardrobe for when I have lost the weight. I love shopping so am definately going to look forward to that :-D Things to buy today: Kettle Toaster Lamps Throws Cutlery Pans Pillows Things to buy tomorrow: Plates + cups Duvet cover Going to enjoy choosing everything :-) Well best go and get dressed and will update on the choices when I get back. Mucho Love xoxox

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