Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Woo Hooo!!!!!!

Well day one of fast is nearly complete :D So happy and I weighed myself a few minutes ago and was 9st 7.5lbs!! So happy and it hasn't even been one full day! Am just over 4lbs away from my weekly target! So pleased with that :) 9st 6lbs next and then lower and lower. At this rate I could be at 9st by Sunday which would be totally ace!! Obviously I wouldn't be able to weigh myself until coming home at the night time so if I was anywhere near 126lbs I would be over the moon cos that gives me a chance to get under 9st for my 17th birthday. Wish I was having a big party with all my friends but truth is I haven't gotten many. Probably got more on Facebook than in reality :'( Actually do have friends but they just don't seem interested or bother to keep in contact just because I have moved from the shitty Seacroft estate. It's horrible because I thought they were really my friends when in reality these girls on Facebook like Dannii (bless her she is amazing! Love her to pieces) care a lot more and check everyday to see if I am okay and that's what real friends do, no matter how far away you are from them, they always stay in contact. It's a shame them guys who live 10 miles or something away can't send a text saying hiya or met me in town and do something like have a coffee or just talk like we used to :(. So sad really but I guess there is always a reason why people don't make it into your future and stay behind in your past. I guess these things come with having an ED though. I mean I haven't spent much time this year with anybody, haven't gone out much unless it was shopping and buying things for my apartment. I hate been isolated and away from others but it means I can stay away from food 75% of the time. I think I am going to make more of an effort to go out though from the end of this month. Even if it is just for stupid little walks and things. Can't stay inside for all my life especially since I will be back at work soon. Work might make my life a little bit more interesting and make me a few more friends. I would like that quite a bit. This ED just makes me feel so lonely and sad at times but at others I like it in ways. I love the buzz of losing weight and being skinny and in control of what I eat and everything. I enjoy seeing the numbers going down on the scale everyday. Well I am going to watch my program Nightwatch: the Medical one. It's actually being filmed at St James University Hospital and the Leeds General Infirmary which is neat cos I know most of the staff lol from a&e attendances and of course working with them :P lol. In 3 minutes Day 1 will be complete :D Yay!! Mucho Love xoxox

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