Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Woke up around 10:30am. Haven't weighed myself yet. Gong to at bang on 12 o'clock. I hope so much I am 9st 7lbs. I really do! Gosh these 7 minutes are torture! So nervous about it lol. Still going strong on my fast and fooled my auntie by putting a few cornflakes into a bowl of milk whilst she was in the shower, so am out of that one. Dinner I will just not make. Can't be arsed lol. Oh it's weigh in time. Brb... (whistles*) drum roll please.... between 9st 6.5lbs and 9st 7.1lbs which is alright :) Maybe once I have fully emptied my bladder it will give a positive response. But am still happy with that, when I started off at 9st 10.5lbs on Saturdays and Sunday!! Whoop woo! :D Not long until I am in double figures instead of triple! Well I am going to go and get ready to go out so bye bye for now. Mucho Love xoxox

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