Sunday, 3 January 2010

Well January the 3rd

First day of blogging :) Been meaning to set up a blog for quite a while but never quite got around to doing it. So here I am blogging :-) First things first. Yes I have an eating disorder. I know that. I can admit that... well to myself anyway. Not exactly going to shout about it at work now am I? Especially working in an hospital. Wouldn't be a wise idea now haha!! I am nowhere near ready to deal with recovery and things so I am still working towards that goal weight. Right now I can't be fat and happy, thin and happy I can do. I don't want to change because then I can't be thin and look how I want to look. I guess ask me about recovery in 6 months and the answer might have altered a bit, ask me in a year or two and it could be completely different. This blog is my place to vent everything happening in my life! From work, to my ED, to my friends or lack of genuine friends. Maybe if anyone ever reads this then they may be able to relate to things happening with me. Mucho love xoxox

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