Thursday, 21 January 2010

Weak and Pathetic >=(

I ate =/ A bag of crisps (158 cals) and a cereal bar (92 cals) Feel like a failure now ='( Haven't moved from 9st 3lbs all week either >=( So frustrating!!! Think I might use this morning to get my metabolism back to a good shape and start fasting again tomorrow because I still feel weak and light headed and that kind of meant I was doing something right plus I feel like a big fat failure for eating. Can't believe I got to day 10 and cracked. Argh! So weak. Such an idiot. Such a failure. To top it off from tomorrow night I will be getting absolutely wrecked!! No food this weekend. Get drunk a little faster too. Deserve it! All them calories. A punishment. Not home Saturday night though. God I am going to be drinking most of Friday and Saturday day. I don't make much sense lol but then again do I normally? I am looking forward to drinking lots and lots but god the calories? They will kill me but at least it's not food. I'll just end up peeing it all out when I go to the toilet over the weekend anyway. Can't believe I haven't lost any weight in like 5 days though and I haven't even eaten. It's mind baffling ='( and upseting. All that hard work and not a pound shifted. So strange. Maybe I could be retaining water or something cos there is no way I haven't lost even 1lb this week from not eating. Ugh! Did set a new record for longest fast this year so far though lol. Not eating for the rest of the week from now anyway though so should lose by Saturday. Wish I was 9st already but my stupid fast only let me lose 7 or 8lbs =( Bastard twat!! Going to buy pop cos thirsty. Mucho Love xoxox

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