Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tuesday :P

Well last night I didn't totally fast but had under 300 calories so not all bad :) Haven't eaten today and am bloody starving lol. Not going to eat though :) Don't care how hungry I am, I refuse to eat. A couple of cups of coffee will get me through day one. Just over 9 stone 8 lbs today :) Lost 1lb even with eating quite bit. Hope I can reach my goal and lose 6lbs minimum in total by the end of the week. Doing the biggest loser thing where I write the number on my hand so I have a big number 6 on my left hand lol. Quite inspiring actually :) Am not going to eat. I won't, I won't, I won't!! Gotta be under 9st for my birthday next Saturday! Going out with David and some friends and then drinking at home :) Should be fun and just gotta try and avoid food. It won't be too hard cos lots of alcohol will be involved :/ Good and bad thing. Think I might go for a walk in a bit. Don't know though :/ Do but don't. Argh!!! Lol. Might just watch TV and then get a shower cos out tomorrow and Thursday and Friday and decorating all weekend so am going to be burn, burn, burning lots of calories :D Awesome :D So roll on losing more than 6lbs!!! :D :D On my last week long fast I lost 12lbs :) would love to do that again! Would definately be under 9st for my birthday then :) Going to watch TV and listen to Kelly Clarkson now :) Mucho Love xoxox

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