Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sunday food shopping? Pfft

Well I have decided to be kind of healthy this month (well as healthy as I can be) I am going to introduce small amounts of tuna which is hard because I genuinely don't like fish and eat a bit of Quorn meat. Both very low in calories yet can make part of a filling meal therefor I won't be lead onto a binge :) For breakfast I would like to eat half a plain omelet or ready brek, both filling until the next meal, lunch (when I have it) maybe a light salad with a bit of tuna or Quorn chicken pieces and for dinner (when I have it) I could have steamed vegetables with Quorn meat. All in all if I managed to eat all three meals I would be consuming maybe 500 calories. Obviously that is a lot to me. I am not comfortable with that number. FYI: I don't always count calories from vegetables and salad unless I have not prepared them myself. They are definitely my favourite binge food and quite filling to me. Oh I have decided I am not going to post any stats this month at all. It's not my thing to shout out how much I weigh and have lost. I will say when my clothes are getting loose but this month I am staying away from my dreaded scales (my own nightmare) and focusing on this plan. I have quite a lot going on this month which is good. I got my own apartment 2 days before Christmas which was a nice present from the council haha. I'm busy decorating that up from the end of this week which I am looking forward to :) Then I have got to buy all the furniture. A task in itself when you live on the 7th floor!! Oh yeah and it is my birthday on the 23rd. Sweet 17 :P Ah so much going on, so little time to do it in. Well anyway I am off to go and do a bit of a workout before I have to go grocery shopping. Mucho Love xoxox

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