Monday, 4 January 2010

So far

So far today (it's 15:09) I haven't eaten or slept. Am so tired it's unreal but just cannot sleep. So annoying. Shopping went okay. Didn't buy a lot cos it was so cold out (-4!!) so just got a few things but going to buy paint and the rest of it on Wednesday :-D I think I am drinking too much as well! Am up and down to the bloody toilet every two minutes haha. Getting some aerobics in :-P Hehe. Just chilling out on the sofa watching Traffic Cops and listening to the mp3 player. Need things to take my mind off of eating and weight and all that. Don't wanna get into a state over it. Am just visualizing the major shopping trip in February :-) Trying to get myself tired so I can fall asleep. Even if only for an hour. I am pooped! Right feet going up, logging off computer and turning phone on silent. Time to settle down and chill out if nothing else :-D Mucho Love xoxox

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