Thursday, 7 January 2010

Oh my gosh!!!

I am finally going back to work very soon!! :-D So excited :-D It'll be amazing and so will the salary :-P Over £1300 a month without overtime! I get like £100 if I do a night shift and am not supposed to. How cool is that?! Anyhoo that's is a huge encouragement to get to 112lbs by the beginning of February. I mean come on I am not going to go and get fitted for a new nursing uniform this fat!! I am thinking about doing the ABC. I had around 500 calories yesterday so today would also be a 500 calorie day. I am already on 195 calories :'( I have these Quorn chicken korma things which are just over 300 calories and a load of other vegetarian food that I bought yesterday. Oh my god I even bought some slim fast milkshake meals!!! My auntie even paid for them! I was majorly shocked lol. So got a strawberry tub and a vanilla tub :-) Just need to buy some milk but will buy that later today. I think 112lbs by the end of the month will be a big ask as I am 133 lbs (9st 7lbs) now but with a bit of hard work I will be able to lose about 1lb a day for quite a while. So it's the 7th today... fingers crossed by my birthday, in 16 days, I will be 119lbs (8st 7lbs) at least. Still majorly fat but after then I'll be able to lose maybe 7lbs to get to 112lbs (8st) by the 1st of February. My daily workout: 1.5 hour walk 200 sit ups 150 girl push ups 300 in total leg raises 300 jumping jacks 300 squats With no more than 500 calories at any time. It should work. It better work or I will just give up! On the lower calorie days like 100 or something I will just fast. Eating a little makes me want more food so none it will be. Mucho Love xoxox

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