Thursday, 14 January 2010


I am still in sheer shock! I mean wow. Stood on the scales this morning and got a huge shock. 9st 5.5lbs!!!!! So bloody happy :-D I believe I can get to under 9st 5lbs by the morning so I'd be like 1-2lbs away from my goal which I wasn't expecting to achieve until Monday but could now lose more which is mesmerizing :-) Really happy and in a good mood cos I managed to stay strong on my fast. Only 6 hours until day 4. Roll on haha. Not decorating this weekend which is a pain in the rear. Doing it some time next week when the carpets and furniture come which is annoying. I was well excited but will have to wait now :-( Can't get over my 2lbs loss though :-) Love, love, love it!!!! Going to watch The Simpsons and write down some tips and rules for myself. Mucho Love xoxox

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