Monday, 11 January 2010

New week, new fast!

Today is day 1 of my 7 day fast. It's 12 hours into it and going alright lol. 156 hours left :D hehe. My friend just lost 5lbs (lucky bitch! She fucking eats more than me! Boo) and I've basically gained it :-0 blah blah blah huh? 9st 9lbs when I weighed myself this morning :'( Didn't get to work out last night! She hasn't even been to bed! BOOOOO! I need her to go to bed and my nana to go home. I wanna work out badly! YESSSSSS!!! Managed to get them to go to bed! Let the work out commence! 200 girl push ups 140 right leg raises 100 left leg raises 100 sit ups 200 squats 100 left leg lunges 100 right leg lunges Will do more once my nana as gone home and the guy as fixed the washing machine and dryer :-) Mucho Love xoxox

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