Saturday, 9 January 2010

Keeping occupied

Well I had a slim fast milkshake 100 cals 1 worchester sause crisps 120 cals A plate of chips 300 cals So around 500 cals in all. Not too bad but could be better. Work out for tonight: 01:30am: 1500 sit ups 02:00am: 1500 jumping jacks 02:30am: 1500 lunges 03:00am: 1500 leg raises (both sides) 03:30am: 1500 squats 04:00am: 1500 girl push ups 04:30am: 1500 arm weights 05:00am: 1 hour walk in the snow :) Will be hard work but totally worth it :-D Until then I am going to do the following to keep occupied: Listen to: Mariah Carey - the Ballads Mariah Carey - E=MC2 Whitney Houston - I look to you Taylor Swift - Fearless Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics (both discs) Should kill a few hours. Plus I am watching: The lottery CSI:NY CSI: Vegas Law and Order Mucho Love xoxox

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