Sunday, 17 January 2010

I hate this shite!!!

Why the hell do you get them? Every month and they bloody annoy me to death. Anyhow things are going well. In fact so well I have decided until 18:20 to post lol. Weight is not going to be stable for a few days so not sure if I have lost anything. I think my next weigh in will be probably have to be Thursday for it to be accurate. I know it sucks :-( But it gives me 5 days to lose approximately 7lbs. Going to be a challenge but possible. Routine: ~ 350 sit ups ~ 350 squats ~ 350 right leg raises ~ 350 left leg raises ~ 350 girl push ups ~ 350 both leg raises ~ 350 right leg lunges ~ 350 left leg lunges ~ 350 jumping jacks ~ walk 2 hours in morning at 5am ~ walk 1 hours at night at 6pm That's what I am doing minimum everyday until I decide not to. Going to be decorating and everything from Wednesday anyway so that will definitely burn calories. Going to google it and see how many :-) If it took 8 hours I would burn 180 an hour so times that by 8 and you get 1440 calories in total!! That's pretty cool :-) Will definitely lose lots of weight this week. Have decided to carry on my fast for a few more days. Going to buy some low fat, low calorie yogurt so that I don't gain the weight back. Would be devastated to gain any weight back so going to work out a lot when I do come off of it to ensure with all my might I don't gain a single pound and carry on losing it. I think whilst not fasting I could be able to lose around a pound a day if I worked out too and never eat above 400 calories. Feeling a bit tempted to eat though cos Joe is eating chips and spring rolls. Making my belly rumble lol. Not nice :-P Might go and make a cuppa tea. Haven't had one today and craving one lol. Just lied and said to Joe I would make some beans on toast a bit later. Pfft no chance lol. Will just hide the tin of beans and throw a few slices of bread out to the birds :-) Mucho Love xoxox

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