Wednesday, 13 January 2010

How crappy!!!

Well my football team Liverpool bloody lost and they god damn deserved too!! Played so shite it was unbelievable! Ugh up there with Manchester United on the loser team haha :-P Lost the lottery too haha!! On a losing streak here ain't I? Will definitely have lost weight by the morning cos I managed to not eat and day 2 is nearly over :-D Yay! Gone to just under 9st 8lbs but that's cos I have had nearly 2 litres of coca cola, 1 litre of milkshake and 1 litre of water. Making it my aim to not dehydrate! Gonna make a cuppa tea in a moment. Have become obsessed with tea straight now :-) Love my coffee still though. Got bought some hot chocolate today and it's only 34 calories a coup so I will drink it but will definitely have less than 3-4 cups in any day for example but it'll be a nice sugar treat :-) Day 2 of fast will be over in 59 minutes :-D So going to settle down on the floor, well to a point lol and watch Street Wars. Love this program :-) It's bleeding fantastic haha!! Hoping for under 9st 7lbs tomorrow morning :-D Going to do a really long work out tonight when Joe goes to bed just to make sure I get under 9st 7lbs. Not going to drink anything after 4-5am either. Definately don't want water weight to stop me getting under 9st 7lbs. Wow I have said 9st 7lbs a lot :-P Oh well tomorrow night it will be 9st 6lbs I'm going on about haha. Got shopping tomorrow for paint and paint brushes etc. Need to buy the cups to go with my dinner plate set too. Only have around £90 though :-( £42 is straight out on paint and gloss. Probably another £8 on rollers and paint brushes. Will have £40 left then for things for house. So need: Cups £3 ~ Tesco Mirror £6 ~ £stretchers And dunno what else yet lol. Will figure it out when I go out tomorrow morning/afternoon :-) Looking forward to actually moving out though. So exciting to be honest. Total freedom and the time to work out whenever I want to without anybody saying anything. Going to buy gym equipment as well when I get my grant thing. I hope I get the full £1035 cos then I can buy all the little things for the house and buy gym stuff too :-D Would be totally awesome to have an exercise bike, cross trainer and other things. Would work out all day then if I had the time! 38 minutes and day 3 will be starting :-) So totally cool but need to stay strong whilst out tomorrow so that I don't fail it because I always seem to fail towards the end of the day of day 3 :-( Don't want to fail tomorrow at all so am going to stay very busy. At 6pm I am going to go for a very long walk (1 hour +) and ge into town or something for a few hours and try to stay out until around 9-10pm. Will just say I am off out to a mates and just get on different buses and try to pass time. I will say I have eaten whilst I am out. I am a clever devious woman :-D Went into the kitchen earlier whilst Joe was in the bedroom and got 2 bags of crisps and 2 cereal bars and hid them in my laptop bag whilst making the bag ruffle to make it look like I was eating. Think I might do the laptop bag thing again. Haha just took another cereal bar from a different box to earlier to make it look like I am eating. So genius haha. I am actually not hungry though y'know. So suprising really cos I thought I'd be starving and I ain't, plus I'm not feeling weak or anything which is ace :-D This is getting really long lol. Better go and use the loo lol. Mucho Love xoxox

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