Monday, 18 January 2010

Haha well remember...

How I was going to go out all today? Yeah didn't quite happen lol. Stayed in bed until 4pm :-) Everyone seems to have screwed up today but my question is if you have Anorexia lets say, you don't eat a load of food do you? I'd say that was Bulimia and if you wasn't throwing it up then it is EDNO's (a mixed behaviour of both Anorexia and Bulimia) But anyway that is there life and I am not their doctor just someone who accepted their friend request on a social networking site. I do worry about them sometimes though. Pretty sad right? Especially Dannii though. She's a total sweetheart and when she's close to suicide or doing something stupid I wish I could be there to help her through it all. Wish she lived a bit closer to me and we could help each other. Not with losing weight but just by being friends and just talking to each other in real life and not by text message. Just really worried about her. Don't care so much about myself but she is a great friend. The woman brought back gifts from the shop. Not bothered about the coke because I asked for that but she brought back a massive bag of crisps. I mean they are 120g! So big and like probably around 600 calories or more. So, so tempted to eat them because I am so hungry today. Not hungry just craving things because of the PMS. So annoying cos I am doing well and am not going to give it all up for a stupid period 2 days into it. Only 3 bloody more days left lol. Can't wait to get an accurate weight after this period has finished cos I am dying to know whether I have gotten under 9st. Think I might have cos I normally gain around 3-5lbs this time of the month so maybe that's what I have gain this time. If so I am buzzing cos I will definately be under 9st =) Still fat though =( Always feel fat!!! =( Mucho Love xoxox

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