Saturday, 16 January 2010

Feeling a lot better

Feel better now thank god. Think I needed the sleep to be honest. Slept until well after 1pm and still didn't sit up and go online until around 2:20pm. Weighed in late too but still going strong on my fast. Day 5 is more than 12 hours in. 15 and half hours to be precise. So anyway when I weighed myself I was just flickering between 9st 3lbs and 9st 3.6lbs. Not too bad I guess but hoping for a straight forward weight tomorrow. Hopefully if I work out today and tonight I can get a 9st 2lb result. Can always wish right? Think it could be possible but would be hard work plus as long as I complete day 5 I will be happy :-) 4pm now so only 8 hours until it's Sunday. Didn't go out today either. Just didn't feel up to it. Maybe tomorrow or Monday. Probably tomorrow though so I get a better result. Seriously hoping I can get to under 8st 10lbs by my birthday. I'm in a really musical mood today. I just wanna sing and sing and sing my heart out. My dream job above being a surgeon and in the TA, is to just sing. I don't care if I was famous or anything but I'd be so happy to sing in front of people. Might start doing videos and putting them on Youtube when I go back to work and can afford a camcorder. Just so people can hear my voice but not see my face or anything. Would be scared if someone I knew saw me singing. It'd be awkward y'know? I was born with an alright voice so why not let people hear it? :-) Everytime I lost a pound I could do another video to put on Youtube... yeah that sounds really good actually :-D That's something to work towards. Got my lottery and thunderball and dreamball tickets. Not going to win but I'd rather waste money on that than food. Logical and practical. Mucho Love xoxox

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