Monday, 18 January 2010

Day stupid 7

Do I really have no life that I am sat here counting the bleeding days I haven't eaten? Guess I just answered my own question there didn't I? Haha!! 5am and I am shattered. Got a longish day tomorrow. Going household shopping. Only got £32 though til Wednesday. Need to buy some more random shite though. Rocking it out to Alicia Keys own version of Empire State of Mind Part 2. Justin Bieber looks like a flea trying to act black lol. I mean wtf is it with 15 years singing crap like he is?? Maybe if it was a 17 year old girl but with boys nah it ain't working at all!! Don't understand why so many people have a crush on him. He ain't no good looking guy or maybe that's just because I have standards in men!! Ooh I am feisty this lovely morning lol. Due to lack of sleep? Nope! Due to being pissed off? Nope in an okay mood thank you. Due to me liking real(!) guys? Absolutely hehe!! Oh gosh am in a complete random mood right now! Talking about i before e except after c though Joe thinks it's i before e except after d. What an idiot LOL! Oh my days!!! Random shite or what? Lol. Feeling really hyper and random (if you haven't already guessed :-P) and kinda out of it. 7 days with no food is making me freaking loopy lmao! Belly has started rumbling slightly which isn't too good. Thankfully loud TV is drowning it out right now. Think I need more fluids to fill me up. Oh god I feel strange lol. Feel slightly delirious and kind of like I am out of my body looking in. It's pretty funny though lol. Talking about how I would tell David Cameron to shut up if he spoke over me whilst I was talking if I was a politician. Of course I would be on Labours side. Gotta love Gordon Brown and Alister Darling and the cute in a sort of not admit able way David Miliband lol. Okay now I know I am acting strange! Admitting that lol. Cringe :-P
Got to admit though Prince William of Wales looks totally hot these days. I mean tall, smart, handsome and trained in the RAF. He's a girls dreams. Well... mine lol. Harry is, well in my eyes the cute but scharming good looking, party animal, not give a damn big brother figure that you could tell anything. Aww I want one of each now lol. Then again most girls probably do too. Can dream though lol.
Okay a bit too random now I feel. My heart is beating dodgy now and I feel weird and kinda... I don't know how to explain it :-/ Think I might try and sleep for a few hours. See if when I wake up I feel any better. So goodnight/good morning <3
Mucho Love

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