Thursday, 21 January 2010

Day 9 now 10

Well spent all of yesterday painting and I am sooo shattered! I swear to god painting is fun when you are talking about it but when you actually do it, you are tired beyond belief lol. Came home around 5pm and just went to bed. Didn't have anything to eat and just wasn't interested in drinking. Got a small bottle of coke and still haven't finished it lol. Just so sleepy right now that food and drink are not a priority. I know I need to get off this fast because I feel really light headed and weak and unmotivated to do anything but I just can't =( No food allowed for a fatty like me though I am dying for a chicken and cheese foot long sub from Subways =/ Am tired again. Only woke up a few hours ago =/ So tired and have no energy. Mucho Love xoxox

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