Sunday, 17 January 2010

Day 6!!!

Like am so psyched that I am on day 6! I mean Oh My God I haven't eaten in nearly a week! So, so exciting but so scary because I can't remember the last time I have not eaten for so long. It's not even about control or anything now because I know I already have that to get past day 1. A lot of people try and fail. I haven't I have managed to blitz through these past 6 days. Not really had any side effects either. Fast heartbeat when I am too active and sometimes light headed when I stand up too fast but not even had my stomach grumble or anything. Am feeling a bit cold all the time though but that is nothing new lol. Am always cold. I hate that about the ED but some genius invented heating and made me a very happy lass :-P hehe! Mucho Love xoxox

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