Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day 5

Well nearly 6. Will be six in just over 3 and a half hours. Doing good, well great in fact but not losing any weight really fast anymore. Thinks it's cos my metabolism is starting to slow down so need to keep active to get it moving again. Exercise called for tonight lol and lots of it indeed. Might go for a day 6 morning walk around the estate too at 6am when everyone is in bed so I don't bump into any idiots. Need a good workout to keep me on track with the weight loss and maybe be able to get into the mid 120 range around 127 or so by Monday. Doubt it will happen but I am giving it a damn good shot :-) If I am not bang on 127, I will carry on fasting throughout the week to get to 120 for Saturday. Got a big plan for then :-) Might hurt a little bit but I will enjoy my seventeenth birthday extremely well ;-P Nothing rude though lol. Can't help it but I keep touching my collarbones haha! Nice being able to feel bones even if they only show a little bit. It's good motivation to carry on and not give up. Not complain about my weight to other people with an ED like Dannii and others. Not going to give in and binge like they all do regularly. Am going to weigh less than them, especially Dannii cos she's nearly under 8 stone even with binging all the bleeding time! So unfair :-( But I am only around 16lbs away from her and I can definitely get to under 9st by the end of this month and February I will spend trying to get under 8st. Going to stay positive and motivated. I will be thinner than everyone else. Y'know this is past been about the thinnest anymore really, it's about being the strongest and wanting to be better than people think I am. Crazy thing an ED is huh? Mucho Love xoxox

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