Friday, 15 January 2010

Day 4 :D

Well am now into day 4 by 13 hours and 20 minutes! So proud of myself and feel completely normal. Haven't blacked out or anything plus don't feel weak and I am completely excited by it. Weighed in this morning and am 9st 4.5lbs :-D That's like a 6lb loss since Saturday so am psyched with that. I think if I carry on fasting for the rest of the week I could get to 9st by Monday or so fingers crossed. Have taken the 6 off of my hand now and replaced it with a 4 which is my favourite number ever. 4lbs by Monday! Bring it on lol. Am doing so well. Really pleased and happy :-) Not my low weight of 2010 but once under 9st 3lbs it will be and a new low weight for my birthday would be awesome. This is taking forever to write! Keep getting distracted by media player, cafe world and Jeremy Kyle lol. Got just over 8 hours to go before starting Day 5! Excited but deadly tired. Could go back to bed y'know. Maybe that's the fasting taking effect or simply because I haven't had enough sleep these past few... months lol. Gosh it is now like 5pm and I am 17 hours into my day 4 :-D so that is 24 + 24 + 24 + 17 = 89 hours without food like oh my gosh! Maybe I can get to 111 hours. That would be so cool. Just been offered some pastry from Joe but I used the excuse of looking at this totally disgusting house on How Clean Is Your House. Totally gross, I mean how could you let your house get like that? Madness!! Mucho Love xoxox

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