Thursday, 14 January 2010


Had a gorgeous long relaxing shower and am feeling happy and motivated for tomorrow :-D Day 3 of my fast will be over in 18 minutes so am well glad that I have finally made it past day 3 :-) Day 4 will be a doddle too haha. I am loving this feeling and even better I don't feel hungry which is what is making me carry on and feel strong. Only bad thing is my mouth tastes like shite!! Seriously, I mean it tastes like somethings curled up and died in it haha!! Probably from the tea/coffee and coca cola. Oh well I can live with that lol :-) Oh my gosh am on day 4 now!!! Whooooooooooooooooooo lol. A stupid guy I got caught in a web with is contacting me again on Facebook so not going to do much on there besides my cafe and things. Seriously can't be bothered with him. Yes N F! Oh no sorry that's his ED name. He's really called Dan. The things he offers and says is just so seedy. I'd delete him but I dunno. Too many friends in common and things could get difficult. Think I am just going to play it very cool and say yeah am fine and all that crap. How are you? Y'know that sort of rubbish but I am not getting back into the stupidity of his games. Just definitely not. Asshole only got back in touch cos of a stupid status I had put on my wall. What a W~A~N~K~E~R~!~!~! Hehe so true. He knows I have a boyfriend too but still plays his stupid little games. Hate men like that! He ain't even a man! He is a bloody pervert! Only interested in sex and likes every girl with an ED's pictures they post when they are topless but covering with the hand or if they are in their underwear. Such a creep that's always drunk or high on drugs claiming to have an ED. Fucking freak. UGH!!!! Hey just noticed ranting about this frigging creep as gotten me 90 minutes into Day 4 haha!! Good times :-) Just going to go to get my duvet. Am freezing my arse off :-P Ahh soo lovely under my duvet :-) 1 hour and 40 minutes into Friday now hehe. Yes am really counting down the hours and minutes :-) Snuggled up on the sofa under the duvet with my laptop on my knees. This is life hahaha. Time for Loose Women now cos I missed it earlier cos I was in town. Got lots of birthday money to come next week. Well £30 off of Joe and £15 off of my nana and I dunno if anyone else will get me anything. Probably not cos like they never do. Especially my (reluctant to say it) mum. Not worthy of the fucking name in my opinionn. Even more not than my biological dad. Anyway at like 02:40am in the morning it's not worth going into lol. Going to settle down and watch Jeremy Kyle and then sleep. Nighty nighty nighty :-) Mucho Love xoxox

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