Tuesday, 5 January 2010

:-) :-( :-/ :'(

Felt all them today.
Ate this morning though I wasn't hungry. Had a cheese sandwich whilst out in the snow.
Omfg the snow is amazing!! Yes I had cold feet but it was fun to build my snowman. I'm going to try and add a picture of it :-D I did it all by myself cos a) I have no friends nearby, b) No-one would help anyway and c) I like doing things by myself :-) It looks pretty cool in my opinion.
Anyway after being out in the snow for more than an hour building my snowman, I finished it. Felt rather proud and took some pictures of it and went inside. Not a bad looking snowman to say I have never built one better hehe.
But I came indoors and had 2 cups of this pasta thing in cheesey sauce. So many calories plus a takeaway later on tonight. Ugh fml.
When I went shopping I bought:
Never seem to be able to find what I want :-( Saw this amazing 46in plasma lcd tv though!! Freaking amazing! Going to buy it when I go back to work. On a salary of £1400-1700 a month I can totally afford it :-D It will look great in my uh-maz-ing living room.
Buying all my paint tomorrow so big decisions to be made. Getting a microwave, steamer and smoothie maker aswell hopefully. Depends.
The only exercise I have done so far is a lot of walking, building my snowman and a bit of typing. Did sit on an f-ing cold bus for a total of around 4 hours!! That's the only downside to the snow haha. Have managed not to gain anything yet by my scales so it's not been too bad but haven't lost anything and still have the takeaway to go yet. Can imagine by morning I will be at least 1lb up >:-( So annoying!! Argh! Need to work harder from tomorrow morning.
Mucho Love

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