Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A bit of good news :)

Yay. I didn't eat at all :-) Am happy about that tbh. Feeling like I am back on track after the holidays. It's like 03:35am and I am still awake :-/ Then again did sleep a lot today from around 5:30pm till 11pm. Actually not a lot but it was something hehe. Tomorrow I am quite busy too so hoping I can pull off not eating again. Going shopping!! Love it :-P Shopping on Wednesday too :-) I'm liking this week already haha! None of it is clothes though. They are waiting until my fat ass is skinny again. Will enjoy that clothes shopping trip when I go though. Was a bit depressed when my size 8 skinny jeans were tight this morning. Not sure if it's cos of gaining weight or because they were put on an hot wash. Am hoping it is the last of them two. I do like my skinny jeans. Am sticking to my baggy size 10 jeans this week though. At least until fully on track. MA chilling out playing around on Facebook and listening to Country Music. It's quite inspiring tbh. It's... I love it lol. Some songs really do realte to me and my life. This crazy ED included. Mucho Love xoxox

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